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The Fabrics Show has started again!

Every week between March 6 and May 29, we will again organize our famous fabric fairs. And our large number of participants will be present everywhere to fulfill your fabric wishes. In March we take it easy, because of possible restrictions. In April and May we have between 2 and 4 fairs every week.


No locations this spring

This season we are not in Barneveld, Leeuwarden, Gouda and Den Bosch. Because we only start in March, we have not been able to find a place for all locations. Possibly there will be a solution during the season.


Something for everyone in terms of fabrics

At Stoffen Spektakel you are assured of a large selection, lots of variety and both fabrics from high and low price categories. The average size of a Fabrics Show is 5,000 square meters and consists of 50 to 55 participants with their own collection, style and price ranges in fabrics. Also, the 'Stoffen Spektakel' is almost always covered and all locations have free entrance!


Fabrics Show and corona rules

Concerning corona rules, we will indicate in the agenda at the locations what is desired. At almost all locations the measures have been removed, only in Ghent (B) and Luxembourg (L) measures still apply.

Fabrics Show now & soon

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